by Shirley To

What is Direct Selling?
It refers to selling products directly to consumers in a non-retail environment. It can be done anywhere be it at home, in the train or even during a party! All you need is a product to sell and a mobile phone, you are set to start a life full of excitement and eye-opening learning journey!
What can I expect while doing Direct Selling?
When choosing your products, you are definitely gonna choose something you love, use and want to share it to the world! It's human nature to share things we love or use to our friends/family. Through direct selling, you not only able to enjoy lower price on the products, but also earning an income by just sharing to people everywhere!
What's the difference between
Direct Selling & Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)?
When doing Direct Selling, you sell products directly to customers or you can even be a distributor yourself to distribute products to your "Agent" at a lower pricing and lower profit.
However, you do not earn a single cent from your "Agents" you distribute to. They get to keep the whole amount of profit by themselves.
As for Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), when your "Agent (Z)" recruited his/her own "Agent (X)", you get to earn a percentage from his/her "Agent (X)" too.
When "Agent (X)" recruit "Agent (B)", you earn a percentage not only "Agent (X) but also earn from "Agent (B)".
When your profit derives from multiple tiers beyond your direct Agent, it will then be considered Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM).
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